A Breath Of Eyre Eve Marie Mont Book Review

Serious rhetorical question – who HASN’T spent time daydreaming about Mr. Rochester after reading Jane Eyre? Y’all, when I first saw the cover and read the synopsis of A Breath Of Eyre by debut author Eve Marie Mont, I immediately put in on my read at any cost list. After reading A Breath Of Eyre, I can say it TOTALLY belonging on that list.

A Breath Of Eyre Eve Marie Mont Book Cover

A Breath Of Eyre

Right, so the premise of A Breath Of Eyre is that Emma goes to this boarding school near her Massachusetts home on scholarship. She’s super lonely and her only real life romantic possibility is Gray Newman, senior at the boy’s school next door and also a total blast from her past, BUT he doesn’t seem too interested. When Emma receives a super old edition of Jane Eyre, a certain magical circumstance happens and OMG she slips into the story. AS IN EMMA BECOMES JANE EYRE and I become jealous.

Y’all, the pacing of Eve Marie Mont’s A Breath Of Eyre is snappy. I thought it would take me at least 100 pages to really get into it. Nope, one night I started reading before bed right, and didn’t look up until 70 pages passed, cuz you guys the story is seductive!

I came to really care about Emma and identify with her. Like I said, she’s a lonely girl who takes comfort in books. Hello, story of MY life too! And like Emma, I also would not fit in at rich kid boarding school. PLUS we see her really blossom and grow some courage. I love this in a character, when they are similar to me, BUT they also grow personally.

As for the love interest in A Breath Of Eyre, I wasn’t really feeling¬† Gray Newman. I don’t know he’s got a little too much of a checkered past for me to get into and like the chemistry wasn’t enough to make THIS reader swoon. But, the main character, Emma, really seems into him, hahaha.

Y’all, if you want an interesting look at Jane Eyre with new points you maybe hadn’t considered, want to read about a character who loves books as much as you do, then perhaps you should do yourself a favor and read A Breath Of Eyre by Eve Marie Mont.

Disclosure: Received for review.

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